Our business has been running for over 20 years as a family business based in the UK. Our silver is handcrafted in Bali in Indonesia where they have a long tradition of expert silversmiths.  The business started with a visit to the island of Bali by my sister who fell in love with the island and made friends with the locals some of whom where silversmiths.  From there the business has grown and we have built a stunning collection of silver items all handmade by Tri and Nur and their team silversmiths we both know and trust.

Our designs are unique to Silver Sisters, and all jewellery is 925 Sterling Silver, solid and expertly made. 


We know our silversmiths individually, have visit their workshops and can guarantee the finest quality of genuine handmade pieces. We can also guarantee that the craftsmen and women are paid a fair wage for their wonderful workmanship. And because we buy directly from the suppliers, we can offer you this fine quality jewellery at such an excellent price.


Silver Sisters is registered with the Edinburgh Assay Office whom we work closely with, and each silver piece is stringently tested and stamped with our personal 925 Sterling Silver hallmark. You can be assured that all our silver meets the high standards set for selling 925 sterling silver jewellery in the UK and as such meets the strictest standards on quality worldwide. 


Handmade 925 sterling silver including classic designs to more contemporary and delicate pieces. The quality is fantastic and attention to detail makes these pieces unique. 


We have bracelets, bangles, necklaces, pendants, and cuffs for both woman and men.  


All our Silver comes in eco-friendly packaging with small silver polishing cloth beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a cotton bag and packaged small enough to fit through the letter box.  In the UK we offer free shipping. We also ship to many countries outside the UK including the US, Europe. 


We know that buying silver online can be tricky with sizing and not being able to try it on, so we have a very flexible return policy. To find out more please click here.

Please have a look and if you have any questions just ask, for information on our returns policy. - silver-sisters@outlook.com.


Thank you for reading

Sarah Forrester – Owner Silver Sisters


6 Glebe Road Edinburgh Eh12 7SF. 

Please note that Silver Sisters only sells online at this time we do not have a shop where you can view the silver. 



For more information visit our online ship at silversisters.com and to sign up to our newsletter. 

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